Who is abducting and killing children in Arizona?

I spent the majority of my youth in Tucson, Arizona and, although I’m no longer there, it will always be home. It is also a place where I have long suspected someone (or a group of someones) has been targeting female children for over 20 years. One of my first ‘experiences’ with murder happened when I was in 8th grade, as we solemnly watched  as the body of 7-year-old Esther “Lizette” Galaz, who disappeared from her home in December 1994, was removed from the drainage ditch near her home.  Her tiny nude body was found raped, murdered and discarded beneath a mattress that had been ‘our’ landmark. This was an area the students at our jr high, Naylor Middle School, frequented; a place of first kisses, skipped classes, and first cigarette drags, an area we felt safe with our school looming above it. Poor Ester had lived in a complex closeby that many of our classmates lived, and she was taken from the 7-11 that we hit every day after school as we waited for the city bus to take us safely home. Perhaps the fact that her case was so close to home is why, whenever a child goes missing in that area, we flash back to that day when Esther was recovered. Her case, like several other VERY similar cases, Galaz’s murder remains unsolved.

Esther Galaz

Just two years later on January 11, 1996, 7-year-old Karen Grajeda went missing, and to this day has not been located. Karen had been rollerblading in her apartment complex with friends when she disappeared, no one saw or heard a thing.

No photo available

Rodolfo Sedeno Morales, was a suspect in both cases as he was charged and found guilty of kidnapping five girls in 1993 and 1994. He was never officially charged in their cases, although his victims were all the same general age and ethnicity as both girls.

When looking at similar disappearances, not including males (that will be a later post of its own) or teenage females who are considered runaways, the amount of cases in the area is alarming.


Screenshot-2018-6-17 Have you seen this child JACKIE LESLIE

Screenshot-2018-6-17 Have you seen this child CYNTHIA LESLIE

12-year-old Amy Marie Yachimec last seen November 06, 1981

Screenshot-2018-6-17 Have you seen this child JANE DOE1982

Screenshot-2018-6-17 Have you seen this child SHEMAEAH GUNNEL(1)

13-year-old Brandy Lynn Myers Missing May 26, 1992 nrandi


Danielle Pitcher, Missing Since May 23, 1993

No photo available


11-year-old Mikelle Diane Biggs, Missing January 02, 1999

Image result for Mikelle Diane Biggs, Missing January 02, 1999


5-year-old Estrella Cordova-Arias, Missing Since Jan 3, 2006

No photo available

Screenshot-2018-6-17 Have you seen this child ALICIA SCOTT





13-year-old Rita Gutierrez, missing since January 08, 2009

12-year-old Yareli Marlem Barajas missing since August 11, 2009upload_2018-3-7_11-52-27.png


5-year-old Jhessye Shockley, missing on Oct 11, 2011No photo available

Isabel Celis, missing April 2012- her body found in a desert in March 2017, case remains unsolved.

Image result for missing tucson az 1990

13-year-old Maribel Gonzales missing June 4, 2014, and her body was found in a desert area a few days later.

Image result for maribel gonzales


Screenshot-2018-6-17 Have you seen this child VICTORIA QUINONES

Screenshot-2018-6-17 Have you seen this child TIFFANY PHARES


A total of 179 missing and unidentified children span the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children’s Arizona database. Are any of these cases related? My gut tells me yes. Probably not ALL of them were abducted by the same individual or group- but the possibility is there. All of the Jane Does have been determined to not be the remains of the named missing children, although the similarities between some of them made me double check this fact.

If you think you’ve seen one of the still missing children, or may know something that can help find them, or their killer/abductor, please contact:


1-800-THE-LOST (1-800-843-5678)

Or call 911.

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Product Review: Blue Apron

When my friend Ellen recently invited me to try Blue Apron, a diy meal delivery service, I was trepidatious. Being someone who is very selective in picking thru my own produce and other grocery items, the idea of a chilled box bringing them via mail puts a LOT of trust in a new(ish) company. I had a list of concerns. How do I know the food has maintained temperature? (I’ve had food poisoning before. It’s awful.) Do I have the time to cook the meals they might send? Will we even LIKE whats on the menu? Is it truly cost-effective with our budget? When Ellen told me that she had a code and we could try the company for free, it seemed like a no-brainer to give it a go.

Creating my account was easy. I clicked the link, created the profile and In less than five minutes it was time to select our meals. We are a family of 4, and half of us don’t eat meat. This was surprisingly not an issue, because you can select meals that don’t include the foods you wish to avoid. The website was incredibly easy to navigate, and I soon found that there is more to Blue Apron than simply a food delivery company. Each selected meal not only has recipes and cooking instructions but it also includes videos, nutrition information- even suggested wine pairings! It seemed almost too good to be true!

In the week we waited for the box to arrive my daughter and I were doing research. We watched the videos of the meals we would be cooking, looked at the other options should we decide to continue with Blue Apron, and did many price comparisons. I asked other people what their own experiences have been so far, and even looked into a few other similar businesses. Each day my initial hesitation slowly evolved into excitement. We could hardly wait until our box arrive so we could get down to business!

Finally, our box arrived. My daughter screamed in excitement and even my husband couldn’t wait to open the box to see what was in store. The box was slightly soggy on the bottom, but condensation will do that. Opening the box you immediately see that it is enclosed in a huge refrigerated bag. When you open it, two large ice packs were inside, keeping the produce chilled. Right away I liked how the contents were arranged. The two days of ingredients were separated, with bags clearly labeling which recipe they belong too. You get illustrated instructions that are clear and concise, and you also get a full print out of nutrition, calorie count etc. (I’m thinking we will get a notebook and organize the recipes. If we stick with the program).

We started pulling out the produce and the meat and I started to do my usual inspection. Horrified, we discovered a FLY in the package of sugar snap peas. Barf. Looks like we would be making the chicken kung pao without them. The chicken wasn’t frozen, and I wasn’t sure if it was supposed to be or not. I’m not trying to die of salmonella, so I reached out to my friends on social media. Almost immediately several of my friends said that I should give Blue a call, and all stated the customer service is fantastic. I was hesitant to call, as this IS a free experience. It’s only a fly after all, and in organic produce, sometimes you’re gonna come across a bug or two. We won’t eat the beans, but we will plant them. Seems like that balances things out.

We decided to make the pizza recipe for supper and began prepping. Usually, dinner during the week is rushed. Usually one of us is doing stuff around the house while the other cooks. Baths are given, grass is mowed, laundry is started. Today was different. We worked as a team and began the process together. Pretty soon chicken was sizzling, broccoli was roasting and the dough was rising. It was an absolutely wonderful, lovely evening.

The food was already perfectly portioned, the shopping was done and I didn’t have to rummage thru the fridge for ingredients to measure things out. Time is precious to me as a student, a mom, and a wife, and it was a refreshing little break for me. I’ve learned that you must appreciate something when you have it- and I certainly plan to enjoy this experience. However short it may be.

Within a half an hour we were pulling our pizzas from the oven ready to devour. It smelled delicious, but would it taste as good too? More importantly, would the picky eaters in the household actually eat it? Suddenly we were food critics discussing, between bites, the tastes and textures of the food as if we are culinary geniuses. (We most definitely arent!) There weren’t many crumbs left on our plates once we were finished, that’s for sure.

The following day we made the Kung Pow Chicken. Overall the recipe was a success, even without the greens. My young daughter thought there was too much spice, but my husband was a huge fan. The clear over-all winner was the roasted brocolli and goat-cheese side dish. I can see making it as a side dish often in the future. We probably never would have made either of these recipes ourselves, but I’m so glad that we did! Both will be on the menu again.

Price wise, I ran the lists thru the checkout counter on the Publix and Wal-Mart websites. Both came in about 20 dollars less than Blue Apron, with Wal-Mart being the lesser of the two. For busy families, without a whole lot of time to go shopping, I can absolutely see an extra 20 bucks being worth the purchase. For our middle-class income family, an extra 80 dollars a month- which equals almost an entire weeks groceries is money we need.

After much discussion and weighing the pros and cons of everything, including price, convenience and product quality, the decision to continue the subscription truly came down to the issues with the fly and the cost. The fly was probably not an everyday issue, and honestly, we could probably forget about it. The price ultimately pushed us to make the decision that Blue Apron doesn’t fit our household. We loved the recipes, the packaging and the taste of each plate. There is no question that the company strives to make the customer happy. In the future, after I graduate and income increases, we may revisit this decision. For now, we will continue to get our produce at the local farmers market and grocery stores. Don’t take my word for it, however. Give it a try! You may find its a perfect fit for your family.


Big Box, Happy Husband








1500 Missing Immigrant Youths and the #WhereAreTheChildren movement; Explained.

Earlier this week a story broke, alleging that there are currently 1,500 immigrant children that the US can not account for.  A #WhereAreTheChildren movement has been circling social media, demanding accountability and answers. There seems to be a uniformed consensus that this number is outrageous and unacceptable.

The National Center For Missing and Exploited Children averages that 531,928 children are missing right now. That doesn’t include the 1,500 missing immigrants.

Cnn reported that Steven Wagner, a top official with the Department of Health and Human Services, gave testimony “during the last three months of 2017, the ORR lost track of nearly 1,500 immigrant children”.  (ORR) refers to The Office of Refugee Resettlement Agency.  The agency responsible for unaccompanied immigrant children.

According to ORRS’ website http://www.acf.hhs.gov/orr/programs/ucs

  • March 1, 2003, the Homeland Security Act of 2002, Section 462, transferred responsibilities for the care and placement of unaccompanied alien children FROM from the Commissioner of Immigration and Naturalization Service TO the Office of Refugee Resettlement (ORR).
  • ORR:
    • has cared for over 175,000 children,
    • Was established by the
      • Flores Agreement in 1997,
      • the Trafficking Victims Protection Act of 2000 (and its re-authorization acts)
      • The William Wilberforce Trafficking Victims Protection Re authorization Act (TVPRA) of 2005 and 2008.
      • ORR promptly places unaccompanied child in “the least restrictive setting and in the best interests of the child.
      • Consider “danger to self, danger to the community, and risk of flight, the unique nature of each child’s situation.”
      • Incorporates clinical and child welfare placements, case management, and “release decisions that are in the best interest of the child.”
Wagner testified that ORR “reached out to 7,635 unaccompanied children to check on them. But “Are unable to determine the whereabouts of 1,475 (or 19 percent), 28 of those are assumed to be runaways.” Wagner also testified “I understand that, according to interpretation of the law, ORR is not legally responsible for those children after they are released from care”.
Homeland Security Secretary, Kirstjen Nielsen, during a Senate hearing this month, said “Similar separations happen in the US every day. Those caught crossing the border illegally will be prosecuted even if they are claiming asylum or have small children. Parents prosecuted as a result will be separated from their children in the process.” On May 7th, district Attorney General Jeff Session confirmed that statement.
President Trump tweeted, in response to the missing children outcry, for American citizens “To pressure the Democrats to end the law that separates children from parents once they cross the border.” (It was his cabinet who implemented the Zero Tolerence Policy… but, I degress.)
Regardless of the political banter, the majority of headlines currently seem more concerned about FINDING these kids.
As they should be…
Honestly, I can not think of a group of children more vulnerable or at risk for exploitation then these kids. In all reality the number of ‘unnacounted for minorts’ itself is probably larger if you were to add unreported cases.
These kids are not cattle, they are not property. They are human beings that deserve to be safe and loved, regardless of where they’re from, who they are or what their parents ‘may’ have done.
Cant We can hash everything “else” out later?
Be a decent human. Demand action and answers.

Florence Hildreth

September 6, 1987, A nude, beaten, sexually assaulted female body was discovered by a local farmhand. On a rural dirt road, in darkness, a terrible crime had occurred, leaving behind very little clues as to the identity of the victim, or her attacker. The dirt surrounding the victim showed signs of a struggle. With only one set of footprints at the scene, it became apparent that most likely the woman had been dragged from the vehicle and attacked.  Tire prints, some broken jewelry and a pair of jeans found by her battered unidentified body was all law enforment had to try and catch a killer.

There were no missing person reports describing the girl, so detectives had little to identify who Jane Doe might be. Or who had committed the heinous crime. When the pockets of the victim’s jeans were checked, however, they discovered a set of two keys with the letter “F” attached. This would be the breadcrumb that would lead investigators to the mailbox and apartment door belonging to Christine Hildreth.

Mrs. Hildreth had to then identify her own old daughter, Florence, as the victim. As a parent, it is incomprehensible for me to fathom the despair Christine must have experienced the moment she recognized her baby. To lose your child in such an egregious manner is every parent’s worst nightmare.

17-year-old Florence, a popular, honor roll student, dreamed of going to medical school. As a member of the cheerleader team, she was involved with her classmates and excelled in her extracurricular activities. Florence was well-loved by her family and friends. Her sunny disposition brought sunshine into the lives of everyone that she knew. Her senseless death shocked and saddened her community.

Once they verified the identity of their Jane Doe, detectives had very little clue as to who would have murdered Florence. The medical examiner determined her cause of death was from multiple stab wounds, and indeed had been sexually asaulted. Her attack was vicous; family, friends and the detectives working her case wanted her assailant to be found and for justice to be served. As quickly as possible.

The last time anyone had seen Florence was the night of her murder. She left her cousins house around 11pm to walk home, less than 3/4 of a mile away. This was a route she had walked countless times, without any trouble. Her friends and family were adamant that  Florence would have accepted a ride from a stranger; atleast, not willingly. Whoever had picked her up was suspect number one to authorities, as he or she was the last person to see Florence alive.

At the scene of the crime the footprints indicated the perputrator was wearing size twelve Brooks brand athletic shoes. Tire tracks revealed the letters D, S and V- possibly from ‘Limited Edition’ printed on the side thread of a spare tire. It wasnt much to go on but it was a good start.

Screenshot-2018-5-20 Stream TV and Movies Live and Online Hulu

Screenshot-2018-5-20 Stream TV and Movies Live and Online Hulu(3)

Once word of Florrences murder began to spread, detectives  received a tip that would lead to that very person. A witness who lived close to where Florence’s’ body was found said she noticed a red truck parked on the side of the road that night. She was driving home approximatley midnight, and remembered that the truck had ski racks on top. Because of the rural farming area, ski racks were unusual in the area. The description of that vehicle was familiar to detectives allready. It belonged to a family friend Ronald, who was staying at Florences uncles house. The very house she supposedly left to walk home that fateful night.

Screenshot-2018-5-20 Stream TV and Movies Live and Online Hulu(6)

Detectives immediately brought Rodney Berryman in for questioning. He had a criminal past in several states and owned a vehicle matching the witness description. During questioning, Rodney denied that he was ever in the area of the attack, having Florence in his vehicle at any time or loaning his vehicle to anyone else. Upon inspection detectives noticed his truck did NOT have a spare tire matching those found at the scene, nor was there any blood inside of the vehicle. But then, far beneath the seat, easily overlooked, forensic experts located a few small peices of gold links, matching some of the jewlrey at the crime scene. The gold was sent to a forensic expert who was able to compare the peices found at the scene of FLorenses murder and the gold links found in the truck and that they matched the links exactly. The spare tire was found in the backyard of Florences own family member. Testing determined the tire matched the prints found at the crime scene.

Screenshot-2018-5-20 Stream TV and Movies Live and Online Hulu(7)

Screenshot-2018-5-20 Stream TV and Movies Live and Online Hulu(8)

Throughout Rodneys interview he continued denying involvment. He had scratches on his face, possiby defense scratches Florence caused while fighting him off. Rodney was wearing size 12 brooks athletic shoea, and on those shoes were visible droplets of blood. That blood would later match Florence’s. A fingerprint found on the dashboars inside of his vehicle would later be identified as Florences as well.

Screenshot-2018-5-20 Stream TV and Movies Live and Online Hulu(12)

Less than 24 hours after Florence was murdered, Rodney Berryman was arrested for her murder. Due to the amount of evidence the prosecuter presented, the jury would find Rodney guilty of first degree intentional felony murder, rape, and use of a deadly weapon.  He was sentence to the Death Penalty. He later appealed, which the courts, rightfully so, denied his motion.

Justice Served.

Screenshot-2018-5-20 Stream TV and Movies Live and Online Hulu(13)

Martin, K. A., Kelly, B., & Stuart, C. M. (Producers), & Ropp, H., & Walters, L. A. (Writers). (n.d.). Weakest Link [Television series episode]. In Forensic Files. Hulu. Retrieved May 20, 2018, from https://www.hulu.com/watch/988793

Senior Producer Kelly Ann Martin









True Crime: Shauna Howe

A shy brunette with a page-boy haircut, 11-year-old Shauna Howe left her home dressed as a gymnast on Oct. 27, 1992, to head to school, and later, a Girl Scout Halloween party, which she left around 8 p.m. She never made it home from the party. Three hours after a witness called Oil City police to report he’d just seen a thin, disheveled white man force a young girl into a red car on the street, Shaunas’ mother reported her missing.

After three days, widespread searches led to the discovery of Shaunas’ body. She was sexually assaulted, her battered and broken body thrown off of a railroad track six miles away. It was there, in the dry creek bed, that Howe would lose her life after sustaining severe injuries to her upper body. An autopsy showed she died of head and chest injuries. The three men responsible for her death would not be caught or sentenced until 2005, 13 years after the incident.

Just two blocks away from her home, Howe was snatched off the street by Eldred “Ted” Walker. Mr. Walker told police that he, Timothy and James O’Brien had talked of abducting a child as a Halloween prank to make Oil City police look foolish. That night, as Shauna attended her Girl Scout Halloween party, the Oil City brothers were lurking and plotting the sinister act that would cut her young life short.

In court, Mr. Walker said he snatched Shauna from the street as she walked home from the party. He handed her over to Timothy O’Brien, who was riding in a car with James O’Brien. He said the brothers drove away with her and he later learned that the O’Briens had taken Shauna to his house. When he arrived to his house he heard a female voice crying, “Get off me, let me up, let me go” while the O’Briens were upstairs in a bedroom of the home. Walker testified that they subjected her to extreme acts of cruelty and sexual violence before throwing her from the bridge alive, leaving Shauna to die alone in the shallow creek below.

Walkers gave testimony against the O’Briens under an agreement that allowed him to plead guilty to third-degree murder and kidnapping. (He would later try to change the plea and was denied by the court.) He faces 20 to 40 years in prison.

At the time of their arrest in July 2004, the brothers James O’Brien, 33, and Timothy O’Brien, 39, were serving time in state prisons for unrelated attacks. Prosecutors presented DNA test results from a FBI laboratory that showed that semen found on Shauna’s body and clothing came from James O’Brien. One day shy of 13 years after Shauna Howe was snatched, after a two-week trial and a deliberation of 16 hours, the jury of six men and six women reached its verdict .

The jury found the O’Briens guilty of kidnapping, voluntary deviant sexual intercourse, conspiracy to commit kidnapping and second and third-degree murder. Shockingly the jury  found them NOT guilty of first-degree murder and rape… The convictions they DID receive, however, means the brothers will serve life in prison without parole. After the verdict was read, due to high publicity, the Jury was whisked away from the court-house. Prosecutors and defense attorneys did not comment and remained under a gag order imposed by Judge Oliver Lobaugh. The order didn’t prevent the prosecutor, Venango County District Attorney Marie Veon, and Erie County District Attorney Brad Foulk, who assisted her, from smiling and accepting handshakes and well-wishes from the Howe family and investigators.

As the verdicts were read, Shauna’s mother, Lucy Mae Brown, and other relatives embraced, held hands and bowed their heads. Shauna’s uncle, Keith Sibble, pumped his right fist and mouthed “Yes! This is justice.” Mrs. Brown said “I still have a hole in my heart but I needed it to be solved. They took a little girl’s life. They spent 12 years living their lives. My daughter would have been 24, but what does she have? Nothing.” Mr. Sibble praised investigators and prosecutors for their relentless pursuit of the case. “[Today] would be 13 years … we’re never going to get Shauna back, but this was the last step we had to get through. These people will never hurt anyone again.”

Shauna’s slaying terrified residents of Venango County and much of Western Pennsylvania. As word spread of the Jury outcome , residents began driving past the courthouse sounding their horns and shouting derisive remarks about the defendants.  The sentences are to run consecutively with sentences the brothers were already serving for other, unrelated crimes. Both were determined to be sexual violent predators under Megan’s Law. “It was for their cruelty – for the life they took more than 13 years ago and the remorse they haven’t shown in the years since ” said Judge Oliver J. Lobaugh as he sentenced the two brothers to spend the rest of their lives in prison,”The world was a better place because of Shauna (Howe) and the world will be a much better place without you walking free ever again,”

 In attendance at the brothers sentencing were four of the Indiana County jurors. Although they declined to comment, one juror said he and the others returned because they also sought closure. Shauna’s mother, Lucy Brown said “That the brothers will be behind bars for the rest of their lives is wonderful. They’re gone and they’re not coming back.”

Rest in peace Shauna.


Check Out Cold Case Files: Little Girl Lost on Hulu.

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Shauna Howe.
(2018, May 06). Retrieved from https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shauna_Howe

Autumn Pasquel

Autumn Pasquale was 12 when she was tragically and senselessly murdered.

Autumn was innocent, happy and loved. She had her entire life ahead of her, but instead, she had that chance, that innocence, RIPPED away from her. By the hands of another child.

Let that sink in.

Children are killing children every single day now.

Every. Single. Day.

I know we are all busy in some sort of way. We all have something going on that keeps us going every day, and we all have a challenge or a loss at some point in our lives. When did we all become so numb to what is going on in the lives of our neighbors?

I stumbled across the story of  Autumn Pasquale on an episode of Web OF Lies, a documentary-of-sorts on the ID network. Web Of Lies follows true stories and crimes involving the internet-gone-wrong. My teens and I have occasionally caught an episode of MTV show Catfish- but stories like Autumn and her family- directly from them- brings priorities of online and in-person safety to an entirely different level. My heart bleeds for Autumn, a life lost much too soon, and her devastated family. Sadly it was private investigators- Specifically the private investigator Joe Nicholas- who was able to track down her killer and get justice for Autumn.

Looking into this a bit further, it looks like, as usual, every excuse to victim-shame Autumn in court was used during the hearing of Justin Robinson. Robinson was sentenced to 17 years in prison. 17 years for ending the life of a defenseless, innocent child. (And our current POTUS says death to drug dealers? Ummm… something sure is unbalanced here!)

I plan on having my teenage children watch Autumn’s story, to see the grief of her family and the raw fact that it is so easy to blindly trust someone you ‘think’ you know. Via the web or otherwise.

I suggest anyone who has ever been online to do the same. Education and knowledge is the first step to in the right direction. Take a look around you, the people you keep close and ‘friends’ from the dark web…

Rest in Peace sweet Autumn. For ways to help Autumns legacy please add your name to the petition below for Ambers Law, Started by Ambers dad, Anthony Pasquel.

Autumn’s Law

Please watch the episode/show for more info on internet crimes and how they can affect you, your children, your parents and the people you truly love.

She Went On A Bike Ride…


Wake up America.


True Crime: Summit; The Disappearance of Maura Murray

The final episode of Oxygens in-depth investigation, The Disappearance of Maura Murray, aired October 28th. From beginning to end the mini-series was captivating, examining each theory, clue and lead thoroughly. 13 years after Maura’s disappearance, Her name has not been forgotten because of the pure determination and dedication of Maura’s family, James Renner, Maggie Freeling, Lance Reenstiern, Art Roderick, Tim Pillari, and many more hard-working individuals. By pressing the local authorities and asking some extremely tough questions there is little doubt that there are many more stones left uncovered.. and That you’ll find them.It truly feels like there may be some sort of closure to this devastating mystery after all.

The team started this episode by meeting with Alison Dubois, a medium. Oxygen did not inform Mrs. Dubois of who they were going to be discussing so it was amazing to watch her talking to Art and Maggie. I think many people are very skeptical about ‘psychics’ and mediums, but I am not one of them. While I don’t believe that everyone out there claiming to have a ‘sixth sense’ actually does, I DO think there are people out there who truly are sensitive and gifted with a receptive intuition. For not knowing the case, Mrs. Dubois certainly seems to be one of those people. Right away she stated the Maura is the kind of person who would ever ‘stay away’ willingly, that she had a good relationship with her father and, unfortunately, appears to no longer be alive. Her thoughts are that there is more than one person involved either directly or indirectly with covering up the crime. She indicated that it seems that Maura knew the person who killed her, but only distantly somehow. She thinks this killer is very charming, likable and reminiscent of ‘Ted Bundy’.

Maggie and Art take Alison to the scene of Mauras disappearance and she gets a sick feeling, that the person who did this gives off ‘rapist vibes’ and that it feels like Maura thought there would be other people at the location but the further they got the more fear she started feeling. The medium says Maura fought her attacker (good!) and mentioned that Maura’s mother seems… ‘removed’. Considering her mother passed away from cancer, this just further indicates that Mrs. Dubous truly DOES have some sort of special connection to a different reality. There is mention of them stopping at a bar, which could explain the gap in the hour drive time discrepancies. She even brings up possible brothers being involved, (A-frame brothers maybe?), and that Maura’s body is not too far outside of the search areas covered, is by a dead end and within sight of a bridge.

Later in the investigation Tim and Lance are back with Art and Maggie, following up on some seriously creepy tweets from some unknown sender. In 2014 these messages gave coordinations to ‘Maura’s Body’ and mixing in some bizarre threats. The tweets also reference the 2005 cold case murder of Thomas Conrad, ALSO in Haverhill, NH. While on the road to hike the coordinates another new message is received with the same coordinations and a signature that Is Maura Murry spelled backward. I got goosebumps about this, specifically when they talk about not telling anyone they were going up there. Using a mountain guide they all hyke to the location. While they don’t find anything there, they do learn firsthand how dense and rugged those forests are.  During the hike the team discovers a yellow caution tape with ‘RIP Maura Murry’ on it, tied to a tree. I think they should definitly bet some sort of cadaver dogs out there. It seems like it cant be a coincidence that that tape is there.

Feeling defeated Maggie and Art take down their timeline photos at the cabin when they finally get a call back from the lab testing the woodchips. They definitely contained human blood, of two individuals. Unfortunately the two samples are so degraded and mixed that they need to be able to compare the DNA to Mauras to see if they can piece it together. Because there has been no chain of custody on these woodchips, the police cant uses them in them in case should they bring charges against someone. Regardless, Maggie and Art have some good news for Maura’s family- Maura’s case has officially been reopened by the Haverhill police department, with two task teams being assigned to follow up on all the evidence they have so far. The authorities finally decide to release a little evidence- the ATM pictures that Fred had tried so desperately to get. The family is absolutely sure that it IS Maura in the footage, but it seems like it is so dark, I cant agree. I cant disprove it either, and truly her family would know her movements and facial expressions better than me, a stranger.


I am so glad to know that more will be done moving forward to find Maura, and I pray that there is some final closure soon.

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FYI-In recapping these episodes there will be spoilers- and theories of my own. None of these theories are accusations and I, in no way, have enough information to point the finger at anyone. All pictures in this blog are owned by Oxygen.

For more information, or to help find Maura, please refer to the following links.

As always, if you have information on Maura Murry, Please refer to the information listed on her flyer.