True Crime Labrynth: Maura Murray part 2

Oxygen’s October 7th episode of ‘The Disappearance of Maura Murray’ features new testimony and hypothetical scenarios that lead, as usual, to absolutely nowhere. If anything, the recent episode ADDS new theories to her case and whets the appetite of arm-chair detectives and conspiracy theorists alike. This episode features Maura’s sister Kathleen, Her father Fred, interview Specialist Kate Marcoplous, Retired US Marshal Art Roderick, as well as interviews with an ‘I saw her alive in Canada’ witness and a friend of her boyfriend-at-the-time Billy. Maggie Freleng is joined by Tim Pilleri and Lance Reenstierna in a cozy New Hampshire cabin where they attempt to recreate that fateful night.

Some of the most important questions that I have from this particular episode was within some of the interviews with Fred Murray. Kate pointedly asked Mr. Murray if he molested Maura, as a book by James Renner may suggest. Mr. Murray denies the allegation, asking if ‘it actually says that in the book ‘, stating that he hasn’t read it, and that, ‘She was my daughter, I would never do that to my daughter’. In episode one, his son actually speaks about the effect those allegations had on Fred and the family so this raised my eyebrow a little during the denial. Regardless, If this was my child, I would read anything and everything in the media- especially something written by someone that has been following this case from the beginning. I’d go over that book with a fine-toothed comb- if anything to assure myself that I didn’t miss something. Another interesting disclosure from Fred was in regards to the 4000 dollars he supposedly withdrew for the purchase of a new car. He said on camera that he deposited the money into Maura’s bank account. I have been unable to verify this myself, but, investigators have been very clear that Maura withdrew ALL of the money in her account that night, approximately 280 dollars… did he put the money in AFTER the accident? or at all? I really wish that the interviewing specialists would have given their opinion during HIS interview!

Butch Attwood’s name continues to come up in this investigation, keeping my suspicions of his involvement intact. He changed his story more than once before his death in 2009 and my gut just cant clear him because of this. In the beginning, when shown Maura’s photo, he denied that she was the one he talked to, then said it was ‘probably her’, but that night she didn’t look the same as her class photo. In some of his accounts she was disheveled, others she was fine and didn’t appear intoxicated. Pair that with his widows’ odd 911 statement that ‘they don’t know where the girl is now’, frankly, something stinks. I would like to know if there was ever a thorough search of the school bus he drove? Was Luminol sprayed inside and out to eliminate the possibility of blood? If he was driving the bus in the snow, rounded the corner and accidentally struck Maura, there is a possibility that maybe he panicked and pulled her onto the bus and drove her home. Maybe his intentions were to call 911 and render aide once there, but his wife realized she was dead, or dying so, in panic, they decided to cover it up. This scenario is just as plausible as the ones suggesting Mr. Attwood’s intentions WERENT pure… or ones where the poor man really was just a concerned citizen who had the misfortune to cross paths with Maura… Its almost as if the more we learn, the less we know.

Kathleen Murray breaking her silence was underwhelming. I cant be certain of her truthfulness of everything, although she DID admit to falling off the bandwagon with alcohol and speaking with Maura that night. This fits the ‘My Sister!’ statement emotionally rendered to Karen, Mauras former-manager, who walked her home that night. (This manager was worried enough about Maura’s emotional state that she contacted HER manager about it.) Kathleen had recently gotten out of rehab, and it would be understandable if Maura became distraught upon learning this news. In a 2015 podcast (via Lance and Tim), Kathleen’s sobriety and criminal activity were discussed, including her being busted for growing pot in ’15. Unfortunately, with her history, I personally wouldn’t trust her being able to lucidly remember events OR her honesty in telling them… But I digress…

As for the rest of the episode, Billy’s friend had nothing bad to say about the man, but… hearsay is what it is. Id rather hears it from him, and truly hope that his issues with Maura will be discussed more in depth later in this series. The Canadian who thought she saw Maura alive, upon seeing an age-progressed photo of what she may look like today, quickly eliminated that possibility. I would like to hear more from the first responders as well as the tow truck driver and am surprised that the family who called 911 first AND the police department refuse to talk to investigators. All this does is further emphasize just how strange this case really is! I am truly anticipating the October 14th episode and hopeful that maybe, just maybe, someone will eventually uncover the truth.


For more information I have enclosed a few of my favorite sources, As always, if you have information on Maura Murry, Please refer to the information listed on her flyer.



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