True Crime: Summit; The Disappearance of Maura Murray

The final episode of Oxygens in-depth investigation, The Disappearance of Maura Murray, aired October 28th. From beginning to end the mini-series was captivating, examining each theory, clue and lead thoroughly. 13 years after Maura’s disappearance, Her name has not been forgotten because of the pure determination and dedication of Maura’s family, James Renner, Maggie Freeling, Lance Reenstiern, Art Roderick, Tim Pillari, and many more hard-working individuals. By pressing the local authorities and asking some extremely tough questions there is little doubt that there are many more stones left uncovered.. and That you’ll find them.It truly feels like there may be some sort of closure to this devastating mystery after all.

The team started this episode by meeting with Alison Dubois, a medium. Oxygen did not inform Mrs. Dubois of who they were going to be discussing so it was amazing to watch her talking to Art and Maggie. I think many people are very skeptical about ‘psychics’ and mediums, but I am not one of them. While I don’t believe that everyone out there claiming to have a ‘sixth sense’ actually does, I DO think there are people out there who truly are sensitive and gifted with a receptive intuition. For not knowing the case, Mrs. Dubois certainly seems to be one of those people. Right away she stated the Maura is the kind of person who would ever ‘stay away’ willingly, that she had a good relationship with her father and, unfortunately, appears to no longer be alive. Her thoughts are that there is more than one person involved either directly or indirectly with covering up the crime. She indicated that it seems that Maura knew the person who killed her, but only distantly somehow. She thinks this killer is very charming, likable and reminiscent of ‘Ted Bundy’.

Maggie and Art take Alison to the scene of Mauras disappearance and she gets a sick feeling, that the person who did this gives off ‘rapist vibes’ and that it feels like Maura thought there would be other people at the location but the further they got the more fear she started feeling. The medium says Maura fought her attacker (good!) and mentioned that Maura’s mother seems… ‘removed’. Considering her mother passed away from cancer, this just further indicates that Mrs. Dubous truly DOES have some sort of special connection to a different reality. There is mention of them stopping at a bar, which could explain the gap in the hour drive time discrepancies. She even brings up possible brothers being involved, (A-frame brothers maybe?), and that Maura’s body is not too far outside of the search areas covered, is by a dead end and within sight of a bridge.

Later in the investigation Tim and Lance are back with Art and Maggie, following up on some seriously creepy tweets from some unknown sender. In 2014 these messages gave coordinations to ‘Maura’s Body’ and mixing in some bizarre threats. The tweets also reference the 2005 cold case murder of Thomas Conrad, ALSO in Haverhill, NH. While on the road to hike the coordinates another new message is received with the same coordinations and a signature that Is Maura Murry spelled backward. I got goosebumps about this, specifically when they talk about not telling anyone they were going up there. Using a mountain guide they all hyke to the location. While they don’t find anything there, they do learn firsthand how dense and rugged those forests are.  During the hike the team discovers a yellow caution tape with ‘RIP Maura Murry’ on it, tied to a tree. I think they should definitly bet some sort of cadaver dogs out there. It seems like it cant be a coincidence that that tape is there.

Feeling defeated Maggie and Art take down their timeline photos at the cabin when they finally get a call back from the lab testing the woodchips. They definitely contained human blood, of two individuals. Unfortunately the two samples are so degraded and mixed that they need to be able to compare the DNA to Mauras to see if they can piece it together. Because there has been no chain of custody on these woodchips, the police cant uses them in them in case should they bring charges against someone. Regardless, Maggie and Art have some good news for Maura’s family- Maura’s case has officially been reopened by the Haverhill police department, with two task teams being assigned to follow up on all the evidence they have so far. The authorities finally decide to release a little evidence- the ATM pictures that Fred had tried so desperately to get. The family is absolutely sure that it IS Maura in the footage, but it seems like it is so dark, I cant agree. I cant disprove it either, and truly her family would know her movements and facial expressions better than me, a stranger.


I am so glad to know that more will be done moving forward to find Maura, and I pray that there is some final closure soon.

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FYI-In recapping these episodes there will be spoilers- and theories of my own. None of these theories are accusations and I, in no way, have enough information to point the finger at anyone. All pictures in this blog are owned by Oxygen.

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True Crime Labrynth: Maura Murray

“The Disappearance of Maura Murray”, on Oxygen recently hurtled a true life mystery into the headlines, luring in conspiracy theorists and capturing the attention of people all over the world. What is it that makes Maura Murray’s disappearance so interesting? What separates her story from that of any other missing person each year? How can ONE young lady be at the center of so much controversy? Is she really dead? Was there ACTUALLY a crime? Certainly, if she wanted to disappear, she could have; but at 21 years old just how smart and connected could she be to STILL remain undetected? Wouldnt Maura know SOMEONE at this point? Made a friend? Had a lover? Become a mother?

As I eagerly await the next episode I have found myself  listening to podcasts from Tim Pilleri, James Renner and Lance Reenstierna, recorded in 2015, and then comparing it to what we now know, two years later. I’ve researched Maura myself and just when I think that I ‘know’ what happened, some new evidence comes to light that throws me down another dusty alley. The different theories and shady evidence are what keeps us all on the edge of our seats, yearning to know everything that happened, and why.  Perhaps the fact that Maura, with her secrets, addictions, and flaws, IS why she has ensnared us all. She is a beautiful, complicated, vulnerable woman, who also happens to be a manipulative liar, a criminal, even. She was smart, fun to be around and close to her family. Atleast, SOME of her family. We don’t know a hell of a lot more than that.

Every single person in Maura Murray’s life seems suspicious. When looking at the evidence she can, at the flip of a coin, be the victim of a heinous crime, or a criminal mastermind that can evade authorities and sleuths all over the country for 13 years, 7 months and 27 days. Did Maura get caught in her own web and self-destruct? Was she murdered by a serial killer, kidnapped by sex traffickers, a victim of incest or domestic violence? Has Maura simply run away from all the chaos in her life? Did the police make a mistake of some sort? Did that mistake cause Maura to run? Did it cost her her life? Would a misstep (our several) by one officer cause an entire police department cover-up? The plot seems to thicken on the hour, but still, the evidence lacks enough substance to locate Mrs. Murray. This isn’t a Stephen King novel. I don’t buy that there has been some super huge conspiracy, scaring Maura enough to fake a

The plot seems to thicken on the hour, but still, the evidence lacks enough substance to locate Mrs. Murray. This isn’t a Stephen King novel. I don’t buy that there has been some super huge conspiracy, scaring Maura enough to fake a dissapearance, then accidentally crossing paths with an unknown serial kidnapper/killer who still has her or disposed her, never-to-be-seen-again.

My opinion so far is that, unless Maura was under government protection of some sort, there is no way she could willingly disappear within a few hours, without ever being able to be found. I sadly don’t think that Maura is alive, but I don’t think that there is a serial killer that has her chained to a wall, either. I don’t think that she met her fate at the hands of some stranger. If she was murdered, my gut says it was at the hand(s) of someone that was a part of her life during the chain of events leading up to her snowy disappearance.

Maggie Freleng and Art Roderick are adding new elements and fresh perspectives to this case, answering many questions that Tim,Lance and James have been asking since 2013. I look forward to watching this documentary as it unfolds,  and reserve the right to change my theory if more evidence comes to light.

What is YOUR theory on what happened to Mrs. Murray? I would love to read them!

❤ J

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